Rosanna Alexandra Dixon

1900 W Place Logo Concept

1900 W Place

Client Cushman & Wakefield

Logo, Branding, Property Brochure

1900 W Place brochure page detail
1900 W Place Brochure Cover

Support Minnesota Educators

Client Bellwether Education Partners

Website. Visit at supportminned.org

Untold Stories Card Game

Untold Stories: The Game

Client Sea Change Program

Package Design, Card Design & Motion Graphics

Featuring original illustrations based on classic emojis.
Purchase at the Game Crafter

1222 22nd Street

Client Cushman & Wakefield

Logo, Branding, Rrochure and Eblasts

Nature Conservancy Proposal

Client Cushman & Wakefield

85 page proposal with wraparound cover and concealed coil binding

Animatics for the DIYdoc app

DIYdoc Animatics

Client DIYdoc

Motion Graphics

Created in Illustrator & AfterEffects, embedded in DIYdoc app for iOS

Our Moment Campaign

Client Girl Effect | Advocates for Youth

Branding, Palm Card, Campaign Buttons, Silk Scarf

Men on a Mission: The Challenge

Client Advocates for Youth

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